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Your floor accessories are in every room of your home. Make sure they look good.

Many people don’t realize that they can get vents, mouldings and transitions that are custom made to fit their floors. When they settle for mass-produced products instead, they are quickly met with headaches like:

• Poor fit
• Stressful installation
• Vents that obstruct airflow and raise your heating and cooling costs
• Mismatched floor transitions that interrupt the flow of your home
• Poorly manufactured wood products that can warp over time
• Cheap wooden vents that don’t come with dampers to control airflow
• Wasted money on low-quality products that need to be replaced
• Plastic ormetal products that can scratch your new floors

The best floor accessories are the ones that look good and do their job without causing you daily frustrations. That's why at Airwood we make vents, and Airwood Matchables that you can easily install, and never have to think about again.


Our Products

Finish your home with quality.
At Airwood we make premium hardwood and vinyl flooring accessories.

Wood Vents

Engineered for optimal airflow. Handcrafted in Canada from select and better hardwoods.

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Custom-manufactured from your prefinished hardwood to match your new floors perfectly.

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Another way to bring Airwood Matchables to your floors at a lowercost.

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Stair Treads

Made from the floor, so it matches the floor. We use your flooring to custom create stair treads.

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Their Matchables are produced from the actual flooring, producing a better match: colour, texture and gloss level.

– Hardwood Mill Partner, after switching from solid wood mouldings to Airwood Matchables mouldings

Airwood Flooring Accessories Are:

Easy to Install

Customized to Your Floor

Crafted for Durability

Who We Serve

Retail, Distribution and Wholesale

Elevate your flooring packages with custom made Airwood Matchables flooring accessories.

Flooring Manufacturers

Impress your clients with high quality flooring accessories to match their new floors.

DIY & Homeowners

Get Canadian-made Airwood Matchables vents, transitions and mouldings for your home.

Carmi and her team prioritize quality and customer service. I can’t think of a stronger team willing to go the extra mile than Airwood.

– Airwood partner of 12 years

Your floor accessories shouldn't be an afterthought.

The finishing details on your floors are the difference between new floors, choose your vents, transitions and mouldings at the same time you design your flooring package.

How to Get Your Perfect Match:

A Seamless Process. A Flawless Look.

Choose Your Floor Accessories:

Order on our website or visit a retail partner. Choose your floor accessories as part of your flooring package at the start of your project.

We Handcraft Your Order:

We customize your floor accessories your hardwood floor materials so you can get a perfect match.

Elevate Your Space with Quality Details:

Your new floor accessories aren one seamless process. No last minute decisions or quick fixes.

Airwood Matchables

Airwood Matchables are mouldings made from your prefinished hardwood floor, so every product matches your floor’s colour, texture, and finish. Our Matchables are available in hardwood and vinyl. With vents that are engineered for optimal airflow, you can enjoy savings on heating and cooling.

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that are made to finish your home with durability and style.

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