Finish your home with quality.

Premium hardwood and vinyl flooring accessories.

Wood Vents

Engineered for optimal airflow. Handcrafted in Canada from select and better hardwoods.

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Custom-manufactured from your prefinished hardwood to match your new floors perfectly.

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Another way to bring Airwood Matchables to your floors at a lower cost.

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Stair Treads

Creating stair treads from the floor so it matches the floor. Custom without the price tag.

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Airwood vents are hand made and constructed of North American sourced select and better hardwoods. Natural wood characteristics such as mineral streaks, small knots, sap and grain variation are to be expected and are not considered a defect. Over time as the wood ages colour changes may occur such as lightening or darkening depending on the species, especially in its natural form. 

Airwood ensures that all products shipped will be defect free and will have passed a 3-point quality control inspection. All Airwood vents are hand sanded so they are ready for pre-finishing right out of the box.


• Precision spaced louvers for maximum airflow
• Manufactured for simple installation
• Quality North American craftsmanship
• Contemporary design
• Standard and custom sizes available

Available finishes:
• Pre-Finished to compliment most hardwood
• Semi Gloss, Low Gloss, Matte and Oil
• Unfinished


Stair Treads

Airwood Matchable Staircase solutions are designed to simplify staircase installations by using pre-finished hardwood flooring and 5 axis CNC technology. Creating stair treads from the floor so it matches the floor. Custom without the price tag.

With floorings highly textured, and with unique finishing methods, making your stairs from your floor is the educated choice. It's cost effective and design approved.

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Wood Flooring Accessories

Hand crafted Nosing, Wood Vents, T molds and reducers made from prefinished hardwood flooring.

There’s so much more to flooring than the floor itself. It’s the seamless details and how they come together that speak to the workmanship. Airwood custom manufactures our Matchable moldings from prefinished hardwood floor, so every product matches your floor’s colour, texture, and finish.

• Easy to install
• Elevated luxury and custom look
• Structurally stable and durable

Contemporary Euro Nosing, made entirely from prefinished hardwood flooring, amplifies the custom look of the nosing. Since the nosing is made from the floor, it matches the texture, colour and lustre of your floor exactly.

Traditional round nosing is made using a plank of the hardwood and adding a J-cap to the plank. The prefinished hardwood floor, it has the same texture, colour, and lustre as the floor. Bevels and joints are possible, depending on the length of the hardwood floor.

Used to join two floors of the same height in adjoining rooms, often in a doorway.

Used to join two floors of varying height in adjoining rooms, often in a doorway.

A truly artisan product hand crafted in all standard HVAC sizes. These wood vents are carefully crafted to enhance the look of your hardwood floor. Although they are meant to disappear in your floor, the craftsmanship and attention to detail will stand out.

The linear vent is a great option for cold air returns, or a minimalist modern look. This vent can be made in standard or custom sizes. Product can be installed with or without a frame depending on the desired look of the home.

*linear vents are for aesthetic purposes only and are not weight bearing or suitable for foot traffic.

A product for those tight on time, ease of installation or looking to reduce costs from installation. A truly enhance the look of your hardwood floor. Urban Top Mount vents require no installation, they simply drop into the boot of the HVAC system.


Vinyl Flooring Accessories

Accessories Milled from Vinyl Flooring

Airwood’s matchable vinyl nosing sits flush with the floor, it will be glued to the stair tread and landing in a fully fixed system. It is recommended to use tape to hold the nosing in place while adhesive cures.

Reach out to us and talk about your needs, and we’ll customize options that suit your specific requirements.