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Give your customers the complete package – flooring down to the last detail with quality finishes.

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Uphold the quality of your work with finishes that will meet your standards and impress your customers.

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Avoid the frustrations of cheap vents and mouldings. Choose finishes that will upgrade your home.

That's me!

Retail • Distribution • Wholesale

Offer your clients high quality options

You want to give your customers the best in flooring products when they come to you for help. With Airwood you can offer reliable floor accessories that will last as long as their floors.

Adapting to the needs of the homeowner, Airwood works hard to stay ahead of the industry, researching and developing a polished product line of wood vents and accessories that will upgrade your overall hardwood flooring package. We've also expanded our line to include inventive flooring options such as our new vinyl products, so you customer can get that polished look without incurring the costs of real hardwood.

Welcome to Airwood
Sell a complete and compelling flooring package that includes vents, accessories, in addition to the flooring itself. Airwood provides you and your business with detailed marketing support, so your customers have all the necessary educational tools at their disposal. You'll gain access to our successful sales initiatives that teach your salespeople to help customers see the importance of ordering flooring accessories at the start of their project.

Speak with an Airwood Representative today: call us at 1-866-282-2026.

We’ve been partners for 12 years, and I’ve always felt that no matter the size of the order, my business mattered. We’ve seen each other through growth, industry down turns, and changes in design trends, Airwood is always bettering their product and adding to their offering.

– Airwood Customer

Flooring Manufacturers

Impress even the toughest critics

You take pride in the polished look of your workmanship and the quality materials you use for your customers. The last thing you need are cheap finishes that diminish your high standards. That’s why we offer our floor manufacturing partners the whole package: air vents, the moldings, the trim that will stand the test of time, just like your work.

Airwood Flooring Accessories provides our hardwood flooring manufacturing partners a comprehensive wood vent and accessories experience.

You can get:
•  Products that perfectly match your hardwood
•  Marketing support
•  Easy installation, we have developed an innovative and customizable package to help you sell a truly compelling product.

There’s so much more to flooring than the floor itself. It’s the seamless details and how they come together that speak to the workmanship. When homeowners see the final product, they will be delighted with the aesthetic and function for years to come.

If you’re a floor manufacturer interested in partnering with Airwood, contact us today!

Consumer expectations are for a perfect match, especially with high-end wood flooring. To meet consumer expectations Shnier moved from solid wood mouldings, stained to match the flooring, to Airwood Matchables mouldings.

– Mill Partner

DIY & Homeowners

Premium floor accessories to match your high end floors.

Premium floor accessories to match your high end floors.
We know that new flooring is a big investment. When you're choosing your flooring, don't wait to purchase accessories at the end of the job. Choose your vents, mouldings and trim at the same time as your floors, so you will have a seamless floor package that can be installed all at once, and match your new floors perfectly.

Why Are Quality Floor Accessories So Important?
•  They're in every room of your home and need to serve their purpose (without you having to think about it)
•  Your vents should be engineered to optimize your airflow (and save you money on heating and cooling!)
• They complete the polished look of your new floors and flow of your interior design

Doing a DIY Flooring Project?
Choosing high quality floor accessories like vents, mouldings, trim and transitions will make your new floors look like they were done by an industry professional. We make it easy for you with our product information documents and step-by-step installation guides. Upgrade your home with ease!


that are made to finish your home with durability and style.